Copy Writing

I have spent considerable time writing articles and advertisements for clients. I’ve spent even more time editing copy for large newspaper and media companies.

Regardless of how good your product is, your clients won’t realise that unless you communicate effectively to let them know. People are naturally sceptical, so it is important to push your clients buttons the right way.

Work with me to develop a specification for re-purposable copy writing and find out why copy writers are the popular choice for sales winning companies.

Prices start from $3/standard A4 page.

Proof Reading

Proof reading services are mandatory for any moderately complex document. Everyone thinks they have correct grammar, and are adequate spellers. It is too late to find out you’re not though, when it is pointed out by a client.

I’ll check for:

  • Grammar and Spelling
  • Style
  • Layout and appearance
  • Internal consistency with regard to logic and sequence
  • Bibliographic layout
  • Effective formatting

Prices start at $40.00/500 words and are scaled down as word count increases. Call today for a pricing guide – 0402 642 887.